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How can Prism Hq help?

Prism Hq Family Support understand how parenting a child who needs more help and support can be overwhelming to know where to start.  Accessing and navigating the NDIS system is complex and confusing. That's why we provide guidance and information in a friendly easy to understand way when you call us.  Our NDIS family navigator will listen to your needs and be there every step of the way to ensure that your family gets the assistance they need to Access Early Childhood or the NDIS and can help you find providers and supports.

We offer in-home and community support, some assessments, advocacy, training of support workers to assist your family into the future.

School Psychologist

Thank goodness I found out about Prism HQ! There are so many companies on the Coast willing to help spend families' money, but finding someone who listens to the families' situation and expresses it to the NDIS in the way that is needed to get them access to funding - that's truly a game-changer. Prism HQ has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Their dedication, expertise, and ability to navigate the complex world of NDIS funding have made a significant difference. With their support, they have been able to secure the necessary funding for the family's needs. I cannot recommend Prism HQ enough – they are an absolute lifesaver!

Sam S

We really appreciate everything you've done for our family.  It is amazing that you guys have teamed up using each other's experience and knowledge to help others. You truly do amazing work


Thank you so much for explaining how we can access the NDIS and helping it happen.  Having you in the planning meeting with us changed the whole outcome.


Thank you so so so much.  I cannot put in to words how grateful I am for your knowledge and guidance.  Tiny little light appearing at the start of a very long and dark tunnel.


We didn't think we could access the NDIS for psychosocial disability.  Thank you for explaining what we needed and helping us to complete all the forms.


Our daughter was isolated and we didn't know how to help her.  You listened to what she liked and found activities and workshops  based on her interests. It's made a huge difference to her and our family.  She is gaining confidence and is willing to try more things.



NDIS - Am I eligible?

If your child is under 6 and are falling behind their peers, they can access without a diagnosis. A diagnosis is required before their 7th birthday to continue on the NDIS. Early Intervention is available at any age before 65. We can help understand the NDIS access process and assist you to understand what services and funding is available and what you can apply for,

Plan Preparation 

We listen to you and help put what you need into the format linking your goals to the supports required to help you work towards them and help interpret professional advice so you can understand and action their advice.

Describe one of your services

Finding Services

There is a long waiting list for access to allied health services. There are other ways you can continue to support your child while you are waiting or in between sessions. We can train supports to help at home and help to develop skills and independence.

Describe one of your services


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Challenging Behaviour Support

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Feeling like you spend all your time shouting to get your child to listen? You're not alone.Find out how we can help you

Fussy Eaters

Our team are available for home visits at the times you need help the most.

School Readiness Programs

Is your child starting pre-school or Kindy in 2024. We have school readiness programs that suit all ages and abilities to give them the best possible start.

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phone 43 85 5587

Suite 2.25, West Wing, Platinum Building

4 Ilya Avenue Erina NSW 2250

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