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How did it begin?

Leanne and Laura created Prism Hq with the shared belief that by providing the right information, building understanding of behaviours, and helping to navigate the NDIS system, children can have the life they deserve.


When Laura Kiln decided to retire and close Laura's Place in December 2022 to spend time with her 8 grandchildren, the calls from families needing help and guidance around the NDIS, how to manage challenging behaviours and not knowing how to get help was overwhelming.

Leanne had been the bookkeeper for Laura's Place for 14 years and was answering the calls, as the mother of a participant of the NDIS she shared her knowledge and advice with the bewildered parents. She convinced Laura that she couldn't retire just yet, there were too many families that she still needs to make a difference for.

Family Snorkeling


Development & Behaviour Specialist

Laura has more than thirty years of experience working with children, adolescents and their families and is recognised internationally as an expert in the field of parenting and helping parents manage difficult behaviour.

Through these years, she built a highly valuable knowledge about children with developmental disorders, developmental delay, autism, intellectual disability, O.D.D., or conduct disorder.

In London, she worked at the Institute of Psychiatry and the National Specialist Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. In Australia, she opened the first multi-disciplinary allied health practice on the Central Coast in 2007, putting all health services under one roof and introducing a purpose-built classroom to run classes aimed at preparing pre-schoolers for kindergarten.

She spoke at pre-schools and schools to educate and assist parents and educators to help support children in a classroom setting.

In 2022, the wish of spending more time with her growing family pushed Laura to close "Laura's Place", after assisting over 22.000 families across NSW with the solid belief that children’s difficult behaviour can be managed best by their parents, who know them better than anyone, in teaching them strategies that work within your everyday family routines and activities.


But... Laura realised that retirement would have to wait when she was approached by Prism Hq, a charitable organisation which also believe in the importance of working with the entire family to achieve the best outcomes.

Leading a family of four children and eight grandchildren between the ages of 14/12 to six years Laura understands how exhausting life with young children can be, and she is a wonderful ally to have for your family.


NDIS Navigator

As the parent of an Autistic adult I have learnt that professionals are a resource.  We need to be supported in understanding and learning how to communicate with our child so we can step into their world with them for a while. I'm here to greet you and your family, making sure you feel right at home from the start.

Understanding the NDIS can be tricky. I'm here to help you figure out how it works and if you're eligible for support. I will also lend a hand with filling out forms, gathering any necessary information and identify what you want to achieve to ensure it aligns with NDIS guidelines.

I believe in personal connections, so I'll meet with your family to truly understand your needs and build a stronger relationship. l can guide you through the early childhood support options or introduce you to local services and fun activities.


Planning is a team effort. We'll collaborate with families, healthcare professionals, and our behavior specialist Laura Kiln to prioritize your plan's objectives. When it's time to review progress, I'll manage the entire process to make sure everything is on track.


Lastly, I provide advocacy support. I'll equip you with the tools and confidence needed to advocate for your child's needs effectively.

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