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Colorful Toys

Our Mission

Give children the best care and support.

We know how hard it can be to understand exactly what children need at the right time and dealing with the overwhelming intricacies of NDIS funding, processes, and support systems. We've been there.

That's why we want to use our knowledge and expertise for something that matters: giving parents clear information, compassionate guidance, and understanding their challenges on a personal level.

Create a safe and caring space for our kids.

Children need to know they are loved and have someone who understands them. Sometimes, things can feel out of hand, especially when dealing with complex systems while all we want is to be the best advocate for our children needs.


With the right support and resources, we believe our kids can lead a fulfilling life, growing not against, but from the challenges they have to face.

We help you to become better-informed, reach resilience, and believe in your ability to adapt.

We are on your side

We support you on multiple aspects of your journey and save you from a lot of sleepless nights.

Navigating through NDIS

Understand the structure, benefits, and application process of NDIS to secure appropriate funding for your child.

Managing your plan

Explaning, maintaining, and adjusting your children’s NDIS plan to reflect their evolving needs.

Becoming advocate

Learn to advocate in various settings such as schools, therapy sessions, and when accessing community support.

Research Champion

Continuously researching new therapies, support options, and resources to ensure you the best help you can get.

Emotional Support

Improve your understanding of behaviors and progress towards having control of your home again.

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